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Sample Hologic Body Composition DXA Scan Report Pages


Unlike CT whole body scans which have a significant amount of radiation, DXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) whole body scans have a minimal amount of radiation, even much less than x-rays. As a result, DXA scans are now being used for body composition analysis of fat, bone and muscle to help with the treatment of obesity and low bone mass. Fitness trainers are also using these reports to track the progress of their clients. Below are four sample pages from a Hologic body composition report.

1. Whole body skeleton scan page with bone density data, image and graph

2. Whole body body composition scan page analyzing body fat, muscle and android and gynoid obesity. Android obesity is obesity in which the fat is localized around the waist and upper body (apple shape body); gynoid obesity is obesity in which fat is distributed in the lower half of the body (pear shape). People with android obesity are more prone to obesity-related problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

3, Summary page for bone, fat and lean (the mass of the body minus the fat)

4. Skeletal photo and body composition analysis



2. Whole body composition scan analysis and images


3. Summary page for bone, fat and lean (the mass of the body minus the fat)



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