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Sample Hologic Bone Density DXA Report Pages

Hologic bone density reports usually have at least 4 pages including a summary report prepared by the test center with a diagnosis, densitometry results and recommendations. Below are various types of pages found on Hologic DXA reports:

1. Bone density data summary page

2. Text summary page

3. Images, graphs and DXA results data for the lumbar spine and right and left hips

4. Image of a section of the left femur to detect for possibility of unusual fractures

5. Lumbar spine image, graph and DXA data of a second patient

6. Ancillary results summary page for the lumbar spine of the second patient

7. Image, graph and DXA results data of a third patient

8. Comparison page of the total hip data of the third patient from two scans about seven months apart

9 & 10. Evaluation of the vertebrae of the mid and upper spine of a 4th patient. These latter views may be added if a doctor or patient wants to check for vertebral fractures or vertebral deformities; they are not normally part of a standard bone density test of the hips and spine. 




4. Scan of a section of the left femur


6. Ancillary results page summary


8. Comparison page of the total hip data

9. Vertebral evaluation below                          Top of page



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