Exotic Gems, Volume 3   

How to Identify, Evaluate, Select and Care For Matrix Opal, Fire Agate , Blue Chalcedony, Rubellite, Indicolite, Paraiba and Other Tourmalines




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Explore Tourmaline, Fire Agate, Matrix Opal & Blue Chalcedony  

Exotic Gems, Volume 3 is the third in a series of books that explains with close-up photos the price factors and identifying traits of unusual gems. The stones are shown not only loose but also in jewelry, in the rough and as beads. Fun facts, historical anecdotes, geographic sources, gem treatment information, cutting advice, and tips on gem care are included along with diagrams and tables to aid in identification and evaluation. If you’re interested in matrix opal, fire agate, blue chalcedony, Paraiba tourmaline, rubellite or other tourmalines, Exotic Gems can provide you with jewelry design ideas and in-depth information that will help you be a smart buyer and seller. Written in a succinct and user-friendly style, Exotic Gems: Volume 3 is an ideal reference for jewelers, sales associates, appraisers, gem collectors, gemology students, designers gem dealers and consumers.


by Renée Newman 

ISBN 978-0929975-48-1   

Paperback / 6" x 9"  / 136 pages / 422 color photos /

International Jewelry Publications / $19.95 

NEW! Available February 2014

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Table of Contents

 1. Exotic Gems  9

 2. Price Factors in a Nutshell  12

        Price Factors Explained 12

            Color 12

            Clarity 14

            Transparency 17

            Shape 18

            Cutting Style 18

            Cut Quality 18

            Brilliance 19

            Carat Weight or Stone Size 20

            Treatment Status 20

            Copper, Chromium and/or Vanadium Content 20

            Geographic Origin 20

            Distinctness of Optical Effects (Phenomena) 21

         Colored Gem Pricing 22

  3. Tourmaline Group  23

          A Brief History of Tourmaline 23

          What is Tourmaline? 2

          Identifying Tourmaline 28

          Tourmaline Chemistry 29

          Tourmaline Species Characteristics in Brief 31

          Tourmaline Varieties 33

          How a Master Cutter Cuts a Tourmaline 34

          Cutting Tourmaline (by John Bradshaw) 38

          Caring for Tourmaline 38

  4. Paraiba & Other Copper Tourmalines  39

          What is a Paraiba Tourmaline? 42

          Identification of Cuprian Tourmaline 45

          Price Factors for Copper-Bearing Tourmaline 47                                                

          Alternative Terms for “Paraiba” 48

  5.  Blue to Green Tourmalines  49

          What is Indicolite? 49

          What is Chrome Tourmaline? 50

          Verdelite or Green Tourmaline? 52

          Blue-green Tourmaline 55

          Gray Tourmaline 56

          Identifying Green Tourmaline 57


  6. Pink & Red Tourmaline  58

          What is Rubellite? 60

          Evaluating Pink & Red Tourmaline 63

                        Sources of Pink & Red Tourmaline 64

  7. Yellow, Orange & Brown Tourmalines  66                    

  8. Multicolored Tourmalines 70

        Formation of Multicolored Tourmaline 72

         Liddicoatite 73

         Effect of Color Zoning on Pricing 74

         Pleochroic Multicolor Effect 74

         Multicolored Tourmaline Jewelry 75   


  9. Cat’s-eye & Color-change Tourmaline 79

       Color-change Tourmaline 81


10. Blue Chalcedony 86

        What is Chalcedony? 88

        Identifying Blue Chalcedony 90

        Geographic Sources of Blue Chalcedony 91

        Judging Blue Chalcedony Quality 97

        Caring for Blue Chalcedony 98


11. Fire Agate  99

       Fire Agate Price Factors 101

        Cutting Fire Agate 104

        Caring for Fire Agate 108


12. Matrix Opal 109

       Boulder Matrix Opal 112

        Andamooka Matrix Opal 120

        Honduras Matrix Opal 122

        Mexican Matrix Opal 124

        Identifying Traits of Opal 125

        Pricing and Evaluation of Matrix Opal 127

        Caring for Matrix Opal 130                   

        Bibliography  131  

        Index  134

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